Free styling demo


Demonstrated features

  • responsive table
  • modal popup
  • free styling

Required skills

  • novice

Required license

  • free

This demo shows a responsive data table styled using the Code Manager.

Current active styles
  • WP-Data-Access-Data-Publisher-Color-Black
  • WP-Data-Access-Data-Publisher-Display-Wide
  • WP-Data-Access-Data-Publisher-Rounded-Corners-Small
Publication Layout Panel
FirstnameLastnameEmailPhone NoAddressZipcodeCityCountyCountry
FirstnameLastnameEmailPhone NoAddressZipcodeCityCountyCountry


  1. Sebastian Holmeier


    WP Data Access has been very helpful for me so far, thanks a lot for the effort!

    Just two things I haven’t figured out yet: Is there a way to modify the publication style, so that (a) the general search field will be wider, e.g. the entire width of the result table, not just the upper right corner, and (b) that the column search fields appear on top of the table and not below? I believe I read the whole documentation, but didn’t find any options for that. Or would there be other means?

    Unfortunately, I am quite inexperienced (but more than willing to learn).

    Many thanks,

  2. jhione

    The link to the video just refreshes to this page.

    • Peter Schulz

      Thanks for mentioning! I updated the link…

  3. Ray Pierce

    How can I remove the column headings at the bottom of the table?

    • Aaron Lee

      Hi Ray,

      You can remove the column headings at the bottom with CSS.

      Here’s the snippet:

      table.wpda-datatable tfoot {
      display: none;

      You can also target a specific table by using its table ID:

      #yourTableID tfoot {
      display: none;

      I hope this helps!


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