Geolocation demo

Data used for this Sydney Harbour Bridge demo is taken from the Google Maps Platform.

Geolocation allows your users to search places stored in your own database tables. The plugin queries Google Maps API once for each location and stores the location information in your own database tables. The users position or a fixed position can be used to search within a range. An interactive map allows your users to change the range from a dropdown list. Geolocation is a premium feature.


Shortcode arguments used for this demo

[wpdageomap schema_name="rdb:remote_demo_data" table_name="markers" map_search="true"]

Argument map_search="true" adds a location search box to allow the user to enter a specific location. The map will center around the selected location.

The sql script to create the table and insert the test data can be downloaded here. Start the Data Explorer to execute the script file, click “Import data/Execute script(s)“, select the ZIP (no need to unpack) and follow the instructions. Follow these instructions to create a map from your markers test table.