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Visual Query Builder

The Visual Query Builder helps plugin users with no or little SQL knowledge to write SQL queries using a intuitive graphical user interface. Click button “Visual Query Builder” to start the graphical user interface (see image below – click to enlarge).

Select your database, tables, views and columns to write your SQL query (see image below – click to enlarge).

Writing a simple visual SQL query

  • Click the Visual Query Builder button to start
  • Click the Add table or view button
  • Select a table or view
  • Click the Execute button to show all rows of the selected table

Selecting columns

  • Click on the columns you want to add to your selection
  • Use the plus icon behind the column name to add a column multiple times (needed for multiple calculations on a column)
  • Drag and drop to reorder selected columns
  • Disable the visibility checkbox to hide a column value
  • Enable sorting to use a column value to order your output
  • Enable grouping to group your data

Adding filters

  • Add a filter group first
  • Add at least one filter condition to a filter group
  • Filtergroups may contain other filter groups allowing nested AND and OR conditions


  • Click the circle icon behind a column to select the source column
  • Click the circle icon behind another column to select the destination column
  • This will result in an inner join
  • Click the relationship circle icon the change the relationship settings

The Visual Query Builder requires a premium license

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