Repository backup and restore management

WP Data Access creates a backup of all your repository tables each time the plugin is updated (unless disabled). This mechanism was added to prevent plugin users losing their repository data during an update failure. It has now been extended to allow plugin users to make interactive backups, download backups and restore backups partially or […]

Improved performance for large tables

Tables are using pagination by default. Although pagination improves the user experience, it slows down performance, especially for large tables. Pagination requires counting: All table rows All matching table rows The pagination features was optimized in version 4.2 and does no longer count all table rows on each request: For MyISAM tables the table row […]

Added freemius library to WP Data Access plugin

Starting from version 3.5.0, WP Data Access uses the freemius library to bring the plugin to the next level… What is freemius? New WP Data Access releases will be available in two version: a free version and a premium version. Freemius is a tool that helps to maintain these different versions. The premium ordering process […]

Filter wpda_wpdataaccess_prepare

Filter wpda_wpdataaccess_prepare allows developers to add their own jQuery DataTable options to a publication. This code is used to initialize a publication. More information about jQuery DataTables options… $html HTML code (may include JavaScript code) $schema_name Database schema name (database name) $table_name Database table name $pub_id Publication ID $columns Table columns $table_settings Table settings as […]

Action hooks to add search actions and filters

Two action hooks were added to enhance searching: wpda_add_search_actions and wpda_add_search_filter. Use these actions to customize the search box of your list table. These action hooks apply to WordPress list tables only. They do not affect publications. Action hook wpda_add_search_actions Added to allow developers to add actions to the search bar (e.g. an icon). Action […]