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Remote data files

The easiest way to publish a table in WordPress ever

  • Make your data file available from a public URL (read more…)
  • Open the Data Explorer
  • Click the Connect icon to open the remote connection wizard
  • Select the Connection type (CSV file, JSON file or XML file)
  • Enter the public URL (see preparation) of your data file in field File path
  • Define an Update interval or leave blank if automatic updates are not required
  • Enter a Table name
  • Click the Create button

Your data file is now uploaded to our server. A database table with the name provided in field Table name is created from your data file.

  • Use the Data Publisher to publish your data (demo)
  • Use Data Projects and Project Template to manage your data (demo)
  • Create Charts for data visualization (demo)
  • Your data is available in all plugin tools through the Table name you provided during creation

No programming skills or database knowledge required

Supported file types

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