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Getting started

Project Templates are used to customize Data Projects pages. Without a template the plugin uses the default values for all page items. A template contains five sections to customize table layout and behaviour. Each section can be managed individually.

Every project template contains a template set name. This set name is used to define which template set is used for a specific Data Projects page. The plugin allows to create multiple templates for a table to manage the layout and behaviour of each Data Projects page separately.

When a set name is added to a Data Projects page (see image below – click to enlarge) the page will use that template set name for all tables shown on that page. The set name is also used for tables in relationships, allowing plugin users to customize parent and child tables individually as well.

The template set name added to a Data Projects page will be used for the parent and all child tables. The plugin follows these rules for parent and child tables:

  1. If a template is found with the givin set name, it is used
  2. If no template with the given set name is found, it use the default set name
  3. If no default set name is found, it uses the plugin defaults
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