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Data Explorer navigation

  1. Show Data Explorer getting started page
  2. Show What’s new? page (red if news is available, blue after reading)
  3. Starts the Data Designer
  4. Allows to (de)select listed columns
  5. Allows to upload SQL files (uploads ZIP files containing multiple SQL files if ZipArchive is installed)
  6. Import CSV files (supports column mapping and reloading CSV files)
  7. Start Data Backup
  8. Switch to another database (local and remote database support)
  9. Edit remote database connection – only available for remote databases
  10. Create local database or add remote database connection
  11. Delete local database or delete remote database connection (does not drop the remote database)
  12. Click star icon to create a list of favourite tables and views
  13. Search box (default WordPress behaviour)
  14. Execute search (default WordPress behaviour)
  15. Allows to export, drop and truncate tables (does not drop or truncate WordPress tables)
  16. Execute bulk action (default WordPress behaviour)
  17. Pagination (default WordPress behaviour) – shows estimates for large tables and views
  18. Bulk action selection (default WordPress behaviour)
  19. Opens the administration section inline for the selected table or view
  20. Opens the selected table or view to view and manage data
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