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JSON files

JSON is a very simple lightweight format. Despite its simplicity, JSON can handle structures that cannot be represented in one single database table. At this stage, you can select only one single JSON node which must contain an array of objects (rows). The elements of a row are the columns added to your database table. Please scroll down for an example of a valid JSON sample.

To use the remote connection wizard, you first have to enable our premium data service on your WordPress server. Please follow these instruction…


Make sure your JSON file is available from a public URL before you start the remote connection wizard. Test your public URL. Your URL should return the JSON content only.

> Read more about public URL preparation if you are not sure

  • Start the Data Explorer
  • Click the Connect icon to open the remote connection wizard
  • Select JSON file from the Connection type drop down list
  • Enter the public URL (see preparation) of your data file in field File path
  • Define an Update interval or leave blank if automatic updates are not required
  • Enter the Table object name (see JSON sample, where table object = data)
  • Enter a Table name
  • Click the Create button
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