» Online API documentation
» How to use WP Data Access classes in your own PHP code
» Add user input filter to where clause

Plugin hooks

» wpda_add_search_actions (add search actions – WordPress list table only)
» wpda_add_search_filter (add search elements – WordPress list table only)
» wpda_before_list_table (add custom code before a list table)
» wpda_after_list_table (add custom code after a list table)
» wpda_before_simple_form (add custom code before a data entry form)
» wpda_after_simple_form (add custom code after a data entry form)

Plugin filters

» wpda_wpdataaccess_prepare (add custom code to publications)
» wpda_column_default (change column layout – WordPress list table only)
» wpda_construct_where_clause (customize search behaviour)


» Alternative search algorithm extension (written by Charles Godwin)
» Add dataTables Buttons extension to publication (written by Mitchell Judson)

4 Replies to “Code”

  1. Could you add all the json extensions stuff here?

    Stuff like

    “wpda_buttons”: “CYF”,
    “wpda_searchbox”: “header”,
    “select”: {
    “selector”: “td:not(.wpda_select)”,
    “style”: “multi”


    1. Hi Charles,

      I’ll add an extra menu item to the Data Publisher menu to discuss all the option. Some video tutorials are planned as well. I’ll keep you posted… 😉


  2. Plan to display records from mysql database based on user selected date n click search button. Can any1 help me?

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