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Shortcode wpdadataforms

Use shortcode wpdadataforms to add a specific Data Projects page to a web page. Data Forms is specifically written for the front-end. It uses:

  • jQuery DataTables to generate tables
  • AngularJS to generate data entry forms
  • jQuery UI to style tables and forms

Unlike shortcode wpdadiehard, shortcode wpdadataforms does not perform page loads on user actions.


Shortcode wpdadataforms must be enabled:
Settings > WP Data Access > Plugin > Shortcode [ wpdadataforms ]

Live (read-only) example

Start DateModule NameTeacherCourse Id
Start DateModule NameTeacherCourse Id

Shortcode parameters

  • project_id (Data Projects -> Project ID)
  • page_id (Data Projects -> Page ID

Copy/paste shortcode from a Data Project

There’s no need to type in the shortcode. The shortcode can be copied from Data Projects to your clipboard and pasted into your page or post.

  • Start Data Projects
  • Edit your project
  • Click on link Shortcode(s)
  • Copy shortcode to clipboard
  • Edit your page or post
  • Paste shortcode into your page or post


[wpdadataforms project_id="1" page_id="1"]
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