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Creating publications

The simplest way to create a publication from a WordPress database table!

Publications are added to a web page with shortcode wpdataaccess. Read more…

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2 Replies to “Creating publications”

  1. All I am trying to find out is how to list the content of a table. All I find is information based on the assumption that I have paid for the premium product. I haven’t. THe video for Data Publisher simply states ‘click on the add button’. I don’t have one. So I askl myself what value is there with this plugin without the premium paid for option ?

    1. The “add button” is available in both the free and the premium version. Of course!! 🙂

      So, the question is: “why don’t you see the add button”?
      (1) Is your repository valid? Check here:
      > Settings > WP Data Access > Manage Repository
      (2) Is some css code hiding it?
      > Use the inspector to see if you can find the missing button!

      Can you send me a screenshot? Use the contactform to send it in private!


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