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Styling issues

WordPress runs on many different servers and database management systems. On top, each site is using it’s own unique combination of themes and plugins. While themes probably have the most effect on the styling of your web pages, plugins can add their own styling as well. Both can lead to issues with publications and projects running on the front-end.

CSS styling of publications is provided in such a way that it gives a consistent layout with most themes. For several reasons there is no guarantee things always work out well. To improve the layout of a publication or fine tune certain elements, some styling tips are provided on the manual styling page. Manual styling is available for all styling types, free and premium, and can be used to overwrite existing css.

> Read more about manual styling…

Occasionally other plugins can have a negative impact on the styling of publications and projects on the back-end as well. Solving such an issue needs another strategy. Please contact the support team for styling issues on the back-end.

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