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WP Data Access is a powerful data administration, publication and development tool that allows you to perform database related tasks from your WordPress dashboard. An intuitive user interface helps to create fully responsive publications and data administration pages. No programming skills required!

For advanced users, the plugin support more complex features like remote database access, master-detail pages, lookups, WordPress role integration, WordPress user integration and a layer around your WordPress database which allows you to add database table and view specific functionality like dynamic hyperlinks and WordPress media library integration.

Data Explorer – Data and database administration

  • Manage local and remote databases
  • Database administration (rename, copy, drop, truncate…)
  • Data administration (search, insert, update, delete…)
  • Export to SQL, XML, JSON, CSV and Excel
  • Import SQL and CSV files
  • WordPress Media Library integration
  • Dynamic hyperlinks (column value substitution)

Data Publisher – Create responsive tables

  • Responsive HTML tables
  • Ajax support (no page loading)
  • WordPress Media Library integration
  • Dynamic hyperlink integration
  • Easy level: no coding skills required
  • Advanced level: requires basic JSON knowledge
  • Expert level: requires JavaScript knowledge
  • Supports local and remote databases
  • Full-text search (premium)
  • Individual column search (premium)
  • Advanced search options (premium)
  • Export buttons (premium)
  • Custom buttons (premium)
  • Geolocation support (premium)

Data Projects – Write your own WordPress apps

  • Auto generated CRUD pages
  • Parent-child pages
  • WordPress role integration
  • WordPress media library integration
  • Dynamic hyperlink integration
  • Accessible from the WordPress dashboard
  • Shortcode support for web pages
  • Supports local and remote databases
  • Data Forms – execute project as responsive AngularJS app (premium)
  • Full-text search (premium)
  • Individual column search (premium)
  • Advanced search options (premium)
  • Inline editing (premium)

Geolocation – Search within location range (premium)

  • Add a Google Maps key per table
  • Define map settings per table
  • Define dynamic marker layout for individual locations
  • Batch procedure to update latitude and longitude for all/some rows in a table
  • Use a default map position or the user position per table or map
  • Use the position stored in a table for a specific row (or multiple rows)
  • Show map with shortcode (multiple parameters)
  • Search within a radius
  • Allow user to adjustable the radius

Data Designer – Create tables and indexes

  • Create and alter tables and indexes
  • Basic and advanced mode
  • Supports reverse engineering and reconciliation
  • Works with local and remote databases

Plugin Settings – Manage behaviour, style and security

  • Many detailed plugin settings
  • User access and permission
  • Integrated WordPress role management
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