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WP Data Access is a data administration and publication tool that helps you to manage your local and remote data and databases.

Data Explorer

Use the Data Explorer to manage your data and databases. Perform database administration tasks (like create, alter, drop, rename, copy, truncate, export and import) and data administration tasks (like search, insert, update and delete) on local as well as remote databases directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Data Publisher

Publish local and remote database tables on your website without any coding. Table data is provided in dynamic HTML tables using jQuery DataTables. Table settings and layout can be defined through intuitive data entry forms from the WordPress dashboard. An advanced table options area is available to add advanced options, buttons and javascript functions. The plugin supports a shortcode to make publications available on web pages.

Data Projects

Use Data Projects to built WordPress apps containing automatically generated CRUD and parent-child pages. Tables and views used in a Data Project can be located in a local or remote database. Access to Data Projects pages can be restricted using WordPress roles. A Data Project is accessible from the WordPress dashboard through its own menu item or on a web page through a shortcode.

Data Designer

Create and alter tables and indexes directly from the WordPress dashboard. Supports reverse engineering and reconciliation.

Data Backup

Unattended scheduled data exports can be used to export local and remote table data to a local folder or a Dropbox.

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