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Chart Widgets

Charts are new in version 5. The following chart types are supported:

Each chart type needs its own data set. Data sets are created using SQL queries. Please check the hints available for each chart type and make sure your SQL query meets these requirements. Use the Query Builder to test your queries before you use them to create a chart.

Make sure your query does not return thousands of rows. This will slow down your server, and charts showing thousands of values are useless anyway. Use a publication if you need a table showing hundreds, thousands or millions of rows, or if you want to add advanced searching, export buttons or other publication features.

Advanced chart options

Advanced chart options allow plugin users to add Google Charts options which are not available through the user interface. Options need to be entered in valid JSON. Invalid JSON is rejected! Use the Check JSON validity button before you close the popup.


3D pie chart

The following example turns a pie chart into a 3D pie.


  "is3D": true

Customizing axes

The following example sets the vertical axis baseline to 0.


  "vAxes": {
    "0": { "baseline" : 0 }


  • The chart widget supports remote database connections. Please make sure the remote user has the SELECT and CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES privileges.

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