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Data Forms is a premium feature. It allows plugin users to add Data Projects or Data Projects pages to a webpage. Tables and data entry forms are fully responsive.

Data Forms uses your Data Projects settings to generate an application or application page, with:

  • jQuery DataTables to generate tables
  • AngularJS to generate data entry forms
  • jQuery UI to style your application

Data Forms does not have the limitations of shortcode wpdadiehard and can be used with any WordPress theme.


Data Forms can be used in two ways:

  1. Add a complete Data Project to a webpage (demo)
  2. Add a specific Data Projects page to a webpage (demo)

Access rights

Access to Data Forms needs to be enabled:

  • Start you WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Settings
  • On tab Plugin: enable Shortcode [ wpdadataforms ] for posts and/or pages
  • On tab Data Forms: enable Allow anonymous access if applicable

Add a complete Data Project to a webpage

Use shortcode wpdadataproject (read more…)

Add a specific Data Projects page to a webpage

Use shortcode wpdadataforms (read more…)


Styling Data Forms is very simpe with jQuery UI. Just select your UI theme in plugin settings:

Settings > WP Data Access > Data Forms > select Default jQuery UI theme

More specific and individual styling will be added later.

Current limitations

Data Forms does not support WordPress media library management. Media stored in the WordPress media Library is available in view mode only.

Inline editing and data import are not yet implemented.

Future plans

The flexibility to change options and add code found in the Data Publisher, will be added to Data Projects as well. These features however, will not be available in Data Projects dashboard applications and shortcode wpdadiehard. It will be added to Data Forms only.

AngularJS is used to generate data entry forms. Features to extend WP Data Access AngularJS objects for customization will be added later.

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2 Replies to “Overview”

  1. The new Data Forms feature is really great! In particular the Data Forms Project is a dream!
    For my database application the hyperlink function is mandatory, so i would really appreciate, if it could be implemented. Otherwise i will have to stay with Data Project for single pages.
    Yours sincerly, Barbara

    1. Thank you for your comment Barbara! 🙂 I’ll try to add the hyperlink to the next release…


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