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Adding filters

There are three ways to add a filter to a Data Project:

  1. Default where clause
  2. Shortcode parameters
  3. URL parameters

Default where clause

The Data Projects tools allows plugin users to add any default where clause to a project page (click image below to enlarge). This includes subqueries and other more complex filters. The default where clause also supports the $$USER$$, $$USERID$$ and $$EMAIL$$ environment variables to filter user specific data (user must be logged in).

Shortcode parameters

Shortcode parameters are available for shortcode wpdadiehard only. These parameters are not available for shortcodes wpdadataproject and wpdadataforms.

Shortcode wpdadiehard provides the following two parameters to filter data:

  • filter_field_name (field name(s) to be filtered)
  • filter_field_value (field value(s) to filter, performs a LIKE and therefor allows wildcards)

Example of a filter for one specific column:

[wpdadiehard project_id="8" page_id="43" filter_field_name="lastname" filter_field_value="jose%"]

For filters containing multiple column names and values, use a comma seperated value and make sure the array size of filter_field_name and filter_field_value are the same:

[wpdadiehard project_id="6" page_id="31" filter_field_name="job,ename" filter_field_value="president,ford"]

The filter allows to use % as a wildcard as shown in the single column filter example. These filter parameters do not support operators like IN, OR, NOT, >, < and so on. Please use the default where clause to use these operators and more complex filters.

URL parameters

To add a filter on a specific table column you can add an URL argument to your request that follows the following name convention:


Only GET requests are supported for publications!


<input name="wpda_search_column_first_name" type="text" value="Sacha" />

Adds condition

first_name = 'Sacha'

Wilcards are supported in URL parameters as well


IN conditions

Use arrays to filter a column on multiple values (allows wildcard usage as well). For example:


Adds condition

first_name = 'Sacha' OR first_name = 'Peter'

OR conditions

Use parameter wpda_search_column_operator to compare using OR instead of AND. The plugin uses AND by default.

Example AND (default)


Adds condition

first_name = 'Sacha' AND last_name = 'Peter'

Example OR


Adds condition

first_name = 'Sacha' OR last_name = 'Peter'

It is currently not possible to combine AND and OR conditions with URL parameters.

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