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Custom validation

WP Data Access supports custom validation through JavaScript. Usage is very simple, just add a JavaScript function named pre_submit_form() to your page which handles the validation. The plugin will automatically execute your pre_submit_form() function before data is submitted to the server.

Validation example

function pre_submit_form() {
	if ( jQuery("#check_code").length < 6 ) {
		alert("ERROR Check code must be at least 6 characters");
		return false; // this tells WP Data Access your validation failed
	// Add more validations here...

	return true; // this tells WP Data Access your validation succeeded

Add pre_submit_form() to back-end page

Use action hook wpda_after_simple_form to add your validation function. Read more…


function my_validation_hook( $self ) {
		function pre_submit_form() {
			// Your validation code goes here...
			return true;

if ( isset( $_REQUEST['page'] ) && 'wpda_wpdp_21_24' === $_REQUEST['page'] ) {
	// Validation is added to project id 21 page 24 only
	add_action( 'wpda_after_simple_form', 'my_validation_hook', 10, 1 );

The premium version of the Code Manager supports back-end coding. Read more…

Add pre_submit_form() to front-end page

Use the Code Manager (free version) for projects executed on the front-end with shortcode wpdadiehard. Just add your validation function to the page running the wpdadiehard shortcode. That’s all! Read more…


Custom validation does not work with Data Forms.

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