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Manage table options

Topics covered in this video

  • Change column labels
  • Change column order
  • Hide columns
  • Use lookups
  • Use tabs
IMPORTANT Please notice that tab Manage Table Options is no longer available from the Data Projects page. Table Options was renamed to Project Templates and can now be accessed directly from the plugin menu.
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2 Replies to “Manage table options”

  1. Hi,
    thanks for fabules work you share with us. I bought premium counting for more great features in the future 😉
    I have a question regarding functions, procedures and views.
    Is there any way to strore and exec procedures and fucntions in your plugin?
    For example I would like to have procedure that add records (with random data) to multiple tables I have created at same time. Just for populating them.
    Same for functions. Creating scalar functions would be useful for me.
    And views. I like to have view with single row from many tables and use this view to build table on my site.
    Is this all possible?

    1. Hi Zielony,

      You can create and use database triggers, functions, procedures and views. You just have to do it manually.

      You can for example create a procedure directly from the Data Explorer. Just create a SQL script file and click on button “Import data/Execute script(s)” to execute your script file.

      Please keep in mind that you need to follow the plugin guidelines for your SQL script. Every SQL statement has to end with a ; and a new line. For procedures containing SQL statement in their body, just add a space behind the ;.

      For example:
      create procedure myproc()
      insert into mytable values(‘myvalue’);[make sure to add a space here]

      You can execute a procedure in the same way or from a filter or action hook.

      Does this help?

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