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Many-To-Many relationships

IMPORTANT Please notice that tab Manage Table Options is no longer available from the Data Projects page. Table Options was renamed to Project Templates and can now be accessed directly from the plugin menu.
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7 Replies to “Many-To-Many relationships”

  1. I’m close, but when I test the table I can delete items from the class table, but I cannot add.

    ERROR: Not all rows have been added

  2. Hi Zack,

    Can you send me some screenshots? Please use the contactform if you prefer to send them in private.


    1. Can you send me your table options the related tables Jeffrey? Please use the contactform to send it in private.


  3. I am wanting 3 tables, Table A the parent of Table B and Table B the parent of Table C. It looks like I cant just have a relationship (1:n) on Table A ==> Table B and Table B ==> Table C. This only gives me access to Table A and B.

    I tried adding a relationship Table A ==> Table C, and that gives me access to tabs for Table B and Table C but it wont let you link Table B to Table C.

    What am I doing wrong. I have only one template for each table.

    1. Hi Carl,

      The plugin supports only one hierarchy level on a page. If you want to manage multiple levels on one page, you can use dynamic hyperlinks to jump between different levels. Multi level supports is planned for Data Forms (not yet available). Not for the back-end and shortcode wpdadiehard.

      Does this answer your question?

  4. When I attempt to “Add New” child row in a many to many relationship, I get an insert error.
    The child row is created but the links between the two tables are not.
    Add existing does not get an error.
    See the PHP log entry below:

    family ==> member ==> details

    Table family has the parent record
    Table details has the child record
    the row fails to insert into table member

    The database is named directory…. not wp_testsite_db

    [02-Apr-2022 03:55:51 UTC] WordPress database error Table ‘wp_testsite_db.member’ doesn’t exist for query
    made by do_action(‘directory_page_wpda_wpdp_1_1’), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, WPDataProjects\WPDP->manage_project_page, WPDataProjects\Parent_Child\WPDP_Parent_List_View->show, WPDataProjects\Parent_Child\WPDP_Parent_List_View-

    How can I fix this?

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