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Search Panes

Search Panes are a user friendly way to help users to filter publication data. This is a premium feature.

Inline demo

FirstnameLastnameGenderEmailPhone NoCountryCountyCityZipcodeAddressDate Of BirthRegistration DateID
FirstnameLastnameGenderEmailPhone NoCountryCountyCityZipcodeAddressDate Of BirthRegistration DateID

Add Search Panes to publication

Click the Config button to select columns.

Manually adding Search Panes to a publication

The following example adds Search Panes manually through advanced options. This only works with Server Side Processing? disabled!

	"dom": "Pfrtip",
	"searchPanes": {
        	"layout": "columns-2",
        	"cascadePanes": true,
        	 "threshold": 1,
        	"columns": [0,1,2]
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2 Replies to “Search Panes”

  1. Hello sir, I use your plugin to access my SQL data,
    Sir, I have a project, To show school voucher by search, The data comes from SQL and fit in a template that a user can download.

    1. Hi moees han,

      You can add a static or dynamic hyperlink to your publication to allow a visitor to download a template.

      A dynamic hyperlink allows you to use column values in your hyperlink to make a hyperlink specific for a table row. These hyperlinks are explained here:

      You can also use a static hyperlink as explained here:
      See: column types

      Hope this helps,

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